ZO Holiday Luxury Trio

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Give the gift of Luxury with ZO's Holiday Luxury Anti-Aging Trio. 

These 3 products are some of the most popular ZO® Skin Health anti-aging products that have incredible proven results. 

Kit includes

  • Growth Factor Serum (30 mL)
    Growth factor technology is an absolute must for anti-aging! Growth factor's work towards reversing your skin's DNA age. ZO Growth Factor Serum strengths and supports skin rejuvenation while protecting against signs of ageing. 

  • Firming Serum (28 mL)
    Prior to applying Growth Factor Serum, ZO's Firming Serum targets hydration in the skin. Results show patients having visible improvement in skin elasticity and firmness. 

  • Wrinkle + Texture Repair (30 mL)
    A high potency retinol (vitamin A) is another anti-aging staple product designed to reveal youthful skin through exfoliation and cellular turnover. If you are new to retinol, start with 1-2 applications a week and slowly work your way to once every other day. The key to a successful retinol routine is patience. 

Savings of $200 retail!