ZO Spring Exfoliation and at Home Facial Kit

ZO® Skin Health

Was: $170.00
Now: $100.00
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ZO's Spring Exfoliation Kit offers exceptional value with a retail savings of  $70! 

This at-home facial kit includes ZO® Skin Health Enzymatic Peel for a gentle yet effective at-home peel to achieve brighter, more even-toned skin. 

Kit includes

  • Exfoliation Accelerator (30mL)
    A glycolic and lactic acid based exfoliant that aids in the removal of dead skin cells, while calming and soothing the skin with a aloe, green tea and chamomile ingredients. 
    Gentle enough to use daily. 

  • Enzymatic Peel (50mL)
    A gentle at-home chemical peel designed to leave your skin softer and brighter. 
  • Ossential Skin Brightening Sheet Mask (1 piece)
    Complete your at-home treatment with this brightening sheet mask! Restores skin clarity and reduces the signs of pigmentation. 


Plus a bonus ZO Makeup bag!