DMK at Home Enzyme Lift and Renew Kit

At Home Facials, Peels and Masques

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This is by far one of the best at home treatments available. Achieve phenomenal radiance with noticeably glowing skin in 2 easy steps. The DMK
Enzyme Lift & Renew is specifically formulated for those experiencing accelerated signs of
aging and environmental damage and want noticeable results. Kit providers 6-8 treatments for face,neck and chest.

FOAMY LIFT and EXODERMA PEEL provides superior exfoliation, removing dead skin cells
and sloughing-off layers of build-up. Along with revealing a fresh, glowing complexion,
DMK’s exclusive messenger enzymes help to fight free-radicals and nourish skin cells.

DMK products included
Deep Pore Pure
Foamy Lift Masque
Exoderma Peel
FREE Premium Goat Hair Brush
FREE Mixing Bowl